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Customer Testimonials

Stories from Clients

Bongo, South African actor: Bongo is a client whom i predicted would have a career in t.v. and film and he is indeed a successful actor today.

Megan, Cape Town: In February 2015 I asked PSYCHIC MARTIN to come and do energy work to help sell my house. It wasn't an easy house to sell as it was next to a freeway and the bedrooms were very far apart. Jenny checked every room and corner with her pendulum and used fire, water , coarse salts, crystals, incense and prayer to remove all obstacles to the sale. I am happy to say, the house was sold April 2015!

" Nadia, Cape Town: When I first met Jenny I had lost my eyesight, she helped me to heal with energy work and crystal healing, today i can see and have my own hair salon in Rondebosch.  I am very thankful to him and may God bless him. " IF your want to know much about me call me at +27731064649  and it really worked for me.

"I have been consulting with psychic martin for 10 years now and that in itself says a lot.

Stacey asked about her soulmate, and Jenny read the cards and saw that she would travel overseas and meet the young man of her dreams in Berlin. Congratulations Stacey!


Black magic Spells is one of the most intense forms of magic. It’s an ancient art and has been in practice since generations. You will hardly find any culture where you will not see the use of black magic Spells.

Black magic is the magic of the dark. It deals with negative energy and negative forces and the main purpose of black magic is to cause a negative outcome. The result of black magic could be harm or illness or even death. You can also use black magic to create difficult times for your enemies for a while.

Nobody has the right to cause harm to you because of his or her vested interests. And if you ever have to bear such cruelties, you have every right hurt that person to teach him or her a lesson. This is where black magic spells will be the most helpful for you.

Black magic spells will enable you to call the dark forces to churn out negative energies around your target person. There are various ways to hurt a person through the use of black magic. You can create bad luck for the person and push the target to some days of hellish experience. You can also send nightmares to the person through the help of black magic. Then, you can make the person ill and force him or her into bad health. Black magic is also about banishing someone from your proximity. Put simply, black magic is like “tit for tat”. If somebody has made you suffer for no reason, you will make him suffer for taking advantage of your innocence.

Black magic is extremely powerful and hence its better you take the spells from a seasoned spell caster only. I am an expert in black and has been practicing the ancient art for years now and that too with great success. My black magic spells will help you to seek revenge successful and punish the bad or evil by hurting them deep.

Facts about my black magic spells :